Roller derby is so much more than you think…also less! You may be surprised to learn there is no punching in flat track roller derby.  What we do is more refined with a lot of rules. It’s physical, demanding, and a very entertaining sport.

We are a skater-owned and operated 501(c)(3) non-profit flat-track roller derby league dedicated to the empowerment of women. We are mothers, wives, students, professionals, care-givers, and active community members that all celebrate individual differences by demonstrating team unity. Derby girls come from all walks of life and athletic ability, but share a common thread of desire for camaraderie and healthy competition.

It is our goal to promote roller derby as a sport and to nurture self-confidence in young women by developing teamwork and athletic ability while encouraging individuality within a culture of discipline, sisterhood, and stewardship through training of the competitive sport of roller derby.

Our team seeks to enhance the community in which we live.  We do this through volunteerism, fundraising, and participating in community activities.  Some charities we have highlighted include The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, Special Olympics of Oregon, Community Work’s Dunn House Program, and Hearts with a Mission.

Thank you for supporting our team! You can check out our official website here.


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