Sis-Q VS Tsunami

January 17th vs. Tsunami Sirens in Crescent City, California

L-R, BACK: Coach Decimator, Lil’ Sass, Frau Blocher, Jump On Jen, Killer Taco, Gore Jus, Ice Breakher, Zulu Mutha Smutha, Awesome Sauce, Line Coach Mental Kace FRONT: Ima B., Bubble Buster, Hermine E. Grinder, BreakFist of Champions, McCrusher

We made the road trip through some beautiful country on Saturday to the first bout of the year. What a gorgeous drive! Next time I will provide air sickness bags for my co-pilots. For those who may be unaware, Del Norte county provided The Return of the Jedi movie the lovely Endor scenery.

As a new skater (and balance challenged), I am in awe every time I watch my team mates skate their game. In bouts, drills, or just dancing around the track. Their grace is beautiful to behold. The balance, agility, and skill that is required to do the things they do will never cease to amaze me.

It was a very physical night, with the final score being Tsunami over 300 and Sis-Q 100-something. It’s not about the score, as a spectator, it’s about the phenomenal skating on both sides. It was. PHENOMENAL. The jammers represented, especially our very own Bubble Buster, in her debut bout. She is a skater with beautiful footwork and will add another dimension to our jamming corps. The blockers made some impressive plays out there as well.

If you still have never been to a roller derby bout, seriously, get there. You won’t be sorry! These women may make it look effortless as they battle for control of the track.  These special women below are athletes, pure and simple.

The Traditional Post Bout Group Photo ❤



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